American Bison, a.k.a , Buffalo

Close encounters of the buffalo kind.

The majestic elk.

Rock climber on Eye of the Needle.

Photo by Kare Bear

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial

​​​   Our daily tour begins at Mount Rushmore!  We drop you off at the front steps to this magnificent National Memorial, so you can wander for over an hour under the spectacular 60-foot high granite faces and tour the Visitor Center with theatres and museum.

   Next we travel the exciting Iron Mountain Road, with 314 turns, two divided highways, three wooden spiral bridges, and three granite carved tunnels! What a fun highway!

   Then we enter Custer State Park, a 71,000 acre wildlife preserve!  We treat you to an all-you-can-eat gourmet buffet at the historic State Game Lodge, affectionately known as the Summer White House. While there, see the historic suites where President Calvin Coolidge and his wife, Grace, lived from mid-June to mid-September in 1927, and also see the room occupied by President Dwight D. Eisenhower  in June of 1953.

   After lunch we go out searching for buffalo and other wild animals.  The park is home to such wildlife as the fastest land mammal in North America the pronghorn antelope. Also, elk, whitetailed deer, mule deer, Rocky Mountain big horn sheep, white mountain goats, prairie dogs, coyotes and yellow-bellied marmots and so much more!  

  Next we take you on the scenic and amazing Needles Highway, where you will see spectacular  spires of pegmatite granite, called "The Needles", rising up to the skyline. Also you will experience scenic overlooks, narrow dynamite-blasted tunnels and the beautiful, idyllic Sylvan Lake where part of the movie, "National Treasure 2, Book of Secrets" was filmed!

  Then we head for the incredible Crazy Horse Memorial -- the world's largest mountain carving in progress!  We drop you off in front of the Visitor Center where you will find an informative and entertaining orientation film in large theaters enclosed within the huge and fascinating Native American Museum of North America!  You will be overwhelmed with the amount of authentic artifacts and beautiful works of art from Native American tribes from all over the North American continent! Visit also, the sculptor's studio, the living room of the sculptor's hand-built log cabin home adorned with artwork, music pieces and beautiful furniture.  The entire complex is simply monumental!

  Then it is time to take you home, with memories, information, stories, and even a few old jokes told by our experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and fun  tour guides!  We go "Above and Beyond" to make your day..."tour-ific!"



"The Mount Rushmore and So Much More Tour"

Cathedral Spires on the Needles Highway.

Yellow-bellied marmot.

White-tailed buck.

North American Pronghorn Antelope.

Fastest land animal in North America!

A very tight squeeze.

Rocky Mountain Goats pose for a pix.

Panhandling burros hard at work.

Picturesque Sylvan Lake

Dynamite blast at Crazy Horse